Reasons To Hire A Shower Installer Instead Of Doing It Yourself

You’re thinking about installing a new shower in your home. You picture yourself taking down the old shower, installing the new one, and getting it all done. However, doing the work yourself can be risky if you’re not a professional. This blog post will explain why hiring a shower installer is better than doing it yourself.

Here are reasons why they may be better:

Why Hiring A Shower Installer Is a Better Option:

  • They Can Your Time: One of the most important reasons to hire a plumber instead of attempting the task yourself is that they can save you time. For example, you may have a full-time job or other commitments that take up most of your day. In this case, trying and doing the work yourself is not worth it. A professional can get the job done faster than you could, allowing you more time for things in life.
  • They Know What They’re Doing: The professionals have been installing bathroom accessories for years and have the experience to do a quality job. They will be able to spot any potential problems with your existing plumbing system and make sure that everything runs smoothly. They are trained and certified professionals who will keep you from guessing how things work or what needs to be done next during the installation process. Most importantly, they have all the tools they need to get the job done quickly and correctly—which should save you from hiring someone else later on when something goes wrong!
  • They Will Avoid Any Water damage: The biggest reason to hire a shower installer is that water damage can lead to mould and mildew growth. It can cause respiratory problems, allergies and illness. Some people are so sensitive to mould that they have to move out of their homes when it starts growing because it affects their health so much. If you want to avoid this problem, hire a professional installer who knows what they’re doing! They will make sure that there isn’t any water damage in your bathroom.
  • They Will Give You Warranty: A good plumber will have a warranty on their work. So if there are any issues with their work, you can call them back to fix it, and they will cover the cost of labour or materials. Having someone install your new faucets is especially important because they are more complex than other fixtures like toilets or bathtubs.
  • No Hassle: The best part of hiring a professional is that they will do the job right and make it look good, while you don’t have to worry about making a mess, getting injured or breaking something. You’ve got better things to do with your time than cleaning up after a DIY project!

Why Doing It With DIY Is Not A Good Option:

  • A poorly installed shower pan may cause leaks: Several things can go wrong if you try to install your shower pan with DIY. First, a poorly installed shower pan may cause leaks, and the resulting water damage could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.
  • Improperly mounted shower walls may shift, crack or sag: Shower walls are not one-size-fits-all. They come in various dimensions, styles and materials, so they need to be properly sized to your shower pan, and they need to be mounted so that they don’t shift or crack. If you try to mount the walls on your own, you may have a difficult or impossible problem to fix. To install the right shower wall for your bathroom, you need professional help. A certified plumber can ensure that your shower walls are installed properly and get them plumbed properly.
  • The job requires specialised skills and knowledge: To install a shower, you require specialised skills and knowledge that most homeowners don’t have. For example, a professional shower installer can ensure that your walls are level and plumb and know how to install them so they won’t shift or crack over time. They will also be familiar with local building codes and any regulations that may apply to your particular situation or area of operation.


Hiring a shower installer will save money and time in the long run, as well as prevent you from having any headaches. They will handle all the details, including measuring and cutting your shower pan, installing your shower walls, and even tiling them if desired. You’ll have a beautiful new shower installed in no time at all!

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