8 Signs That You Need A Plumber In Lower Hutt

When your drains are blocked, it can be an incredibly frustrating experience. You might have to wait hours for the water to drain from your sink or bathtub. You could also have a flooded bathroom floor with an overflowing toilet. Blocked drains are not only inconvenient but can also cause damage to other parts of your plumbing system if left untreated for too long. To help you avoid these problems and make sure that you get the right help as soon as possible. This guide will take you through the signs that it’s time to call a plumber in Lower Hutt.

Here are seven signs that indicate you need to call a plumber:

Foul smell from drains.

A blocked drain could cause a foul smell from your drains. If you need to find out where the blockage is, or if you have tried unsuccessfully to clear it, then call a pipe fitter to help locate and remove any debris buildup. Another way to determine whether or not your drain has been blocked is by using a plunger – if this doesn’t work, it may be time for professional assistance.

Burst pipes.

If you hear a loud bang or water starts to flow from your ceiling, then there is a chance that one of your pipes has burst. If you cannot turn off the main valve yourself or are unsure whether your pipes have burst, then it is best to call a pipe fitter in Lower Hutt as soon as possible. They will be able to inspect your home and determine if there has been a pipe breakage.

Dripping faucets.

Dripping faucets are a common plumbing problem that can waste a lot of water. A dripping tap can waste up to 20 litres of water daily, or over 40 pounds (19 kg). It can add up and result in higher water bills. A dripping tap is also a fire hazard, so it is important to fix any leaks as soon as possible. The best way to fix a dripping faucet is by turning off the water supply and removing the handle of your faucet. You should then remove any broken or worn-out parts so You can replace them with new ones. If you need help with this, it is best to call a professional pipe fitter. He can help repair your faucet and ensure no other problems need to be fixed. If you have an older home, your plumbing may be made from lead which could leach into your drinking water if it is not regularly maintained.

Leakage around the sink or bathtub.

Leakage around the sink or bathtub is one of the most common signs that you need a plumber in Lower Hutt. It could be a sign of a leak in the pipes, but it could also be a sign of a crack in the sink or tub. If you notice any leaks, you should call a handyperson immediately to help fix the problem, so it doesn’t get worse and cause more damage.

The toilet overflows when flushed repeatedly.

If the toilet is overflowing, it means the toilet bowl is full of water. It can happen for many reasons, including a clogged pipe or drain. If this happens frequently, it may be time to call a pipe fitter.

If your toilet is overflowing, do not flush again until someone has come out to fix it! Flushing will only make things worse and potentially cause damage to your home.

Flushing the toilet causes the water level in other toilets to rise.

If you notice that flushing your toilet causes the water level in other toilets to rise, it’s a sign of a leak in the main pipe. If this happens frequently and the water bill is high, it’s time to call in a professional handyperson.


If you’re experiencing any of the issues that are mentioned above, your drains are likely blocked. If this is the case, it’s best to have a plumber in Lower Hutt clear the blockage and assess if any damaged pipes need replacing. A handyperson can also help you to prevent future problems by clearing the drains regularly and installing water-saving devices.

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