Exhaustive Guide To The Top 6 Hardwood Flooring Wood Species

Today, dozens of wood species are used for hardwood flooring  . Some are domestically grown, while others are imported from various countries worldwide. The type of species you choose will reflect the overall look of your hardwood flooring. Despite thousands of hardwood species available in the market, here is a quick guide to a few of the most popular types that most homeowners consider for their hardwood flooring.

  1. Oak

Oak is one of the most abundant hardwood flooring species seen in most homes because of its durability. Moreover, it is cheap and can be stained in all shades. It successfully hides stains, dents, and scratches as compared to other hardwood flooring species. Red oak and white oak are the two most common types of oak species. Red oak is more popular because of its stain-friendly nature, whereas white oak is harder and more durable.

  1. Hickory

Another hardest hardwood flooring species is hickory. With a Janka rating of 1820, hickory is a popular flooring option because it produces a rustic outlook. It is also known as pecan.

  1. Maple

Maple is naturally creamy in a color that may look yellow in a well-lit room. One of the best ways to achieve a whitewash or grey look in a room is to go for maple hardwood flooring. However, it is less stain-friendly than oak. Because of its resistance to dents and scratches, maple is the most popular flooring option for gymnasiums.

  1. Bamboo

Even though bamboo is a grass, some of its species are harder than hardwood trees. This eco-friendly species is very affordable, and this is why it is highly popular among homeowners. However, you need to be very careful while purchasing bamboo flooring as some of its species will not hold up well. Also, these floors may show stains and dents.

  1. Walnut

Walnut is also one of the well-known types of hardwood flooring species that offers a classic look. With a Janka rating of 1010, American Black Walnut is not as hard as other species mentioned out there. Because of its chocolate brown appearance, Walnut can give any room a warm and sophisticated feeling. However, the species is sensitive to light and tends to get lighter with time. Brazilian Walnut is another species of Walnut with a Janka rating of 3600. This type of flooring is ideal for higher-traffic areas.

  1. Cherry

American Cherry and Brazilian Cherry are two of the most popular types of Cherry trees. American Cherry has a Janka rating of 995, and it begins to darken with time. Whereas the Janka rating of Brazilian wood is higher, and it is widely used in the making of planks because of its high color variation, including reddish to blonde tones and reddish to brownish tones.

Wrap It Up

Hence, many hardwood flooring species are available in the market. This flooring has remained the top flooring option for decades because of its glamour, warmth, and luxurious feel!

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