How do you know when your dirt bike tyres are worn out?

We all know how dangerous it is to ride on worn-out tyres. However, how do you know when your tyres are worn out and due for replacement? In general, tyres are worn out when they square off, lose a large amount of tread groove depth, or become old.

The most likely people to have their tyres squared off are those who mostly commute on straight roads. Instead of leaning over, they spend most of their saddle time upright. Tire edges don’t make contact with the road as often as the centre (the convex curve) does.

Over time, the convex curve of the tire is worn away as the centre wears out faster than the rest. Therefore, the flat centre strip becomes increasingly broader – and flatter. Eventually, making dirt bike tyres look like car tyres.

When a dirt bike tire starts to square off, most of its tread grooves disappear. As a result, the situation can become quite dangerous. This is especially true in wet weather. In wet conditions, those grooves help the tire maintain traction.

Considering tyres are the most frequently swapped parts on a dirt bike and play a crucial role in a rider’s safety, using old, cracked tyres can damage your bike or even injure you because you lack the traction needed to grip surfaces.

If you want to know when your dirt bike tyres are worn out, look out for these tell-tale signs of wear.

Wear and tear on knobs:

A single knob can affect a tire’s entire function, and if it is missing or worn out, it can compromise your riding experience. The lugs on your tyres will not provide enough traction if they become worn or rounded. Make sure your knobs are intact to avoid a dangerous riding experience.

A crack on the sidewall:


A cracked tire can be caused by poor storage, aging, or collisions. The problem with cracks on tire sidewalls is that they can be hard to see, given that they can be difficult to detect. Make sure the knobs on the side of your tyres are not cracked. Often, rear tyres wear out faster, but if you notice even one crack, it’s best to change both.

Induction of hardness in rubber


Tyres typically have firm rubber, but they can become too hard over time, and rigid tyres may not latch onto surfaces well. In addition to being exposed to sunlight, poor storage can exacerbate this problem. In case your tyres have become tough, consider switching them for a more comfortable ride.


As rubber hardens as tyres age and becomes more susceptible to wear and tear. You should replace your tyres after using them regularly for a year to prevent this problem. The shelf life of dirt bike tyres is usually only five years, so they must always be replaced within that period.



The discolouration is a major indicator of old tyres. If the black rubber on yours has turned grey, it’s time to change your tyre. As time passes, the colour of the rubber fades, indicating that it is no longer in good condition to ride.

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