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dragon mart carpet succeed. It is the best carpet in town because it’s made to last and look good for years to come. Why dragon mart carpets succeed because of its everlasting dedication to providing the very best that Malaysian carpets can offer. This, in turn, helps our clients enjoy maximum benefits from all economic circumstances.

Selecting a carpets is not always an easy decision. Carpet is one of the most important home accessories that help to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. The quality of materials, design, and craftsmanship are very important factors that make certain carpets more functional and appealing than others. You will not only get a special tone color, texture, or pattern with the dragon mart carpet product but also enjoy its durable qualities over time Dragon mart carpet cleaning is a leading carpet cleaning and restoration company serving the greater Toronto area. We are committed to providing you with the best service in the industry. We are focused on excellent customer care, personalized attention, and highly skilled technicians who guarantee that your carpets will look new again, quickly, and correctly.


Dragon mart carpets are designed to combine the beauty and prestige of genuine Turkish carpets with the warmth, convenience, and durability that only a woven pile carpet can provide. The jacquard patterns on each motif capture the unity of this exceptional collection; they evolve throughout the piece in a dynamic organic movement.

After a full survey of the present situation and the growth potential, it became clear that the company had to make use of this proposal. Using a combination of American, European, and Chinese sources, our partners at dragon mart carpets have developed a new project with which we are satisfied. There is no doubt that this approach will yield positive results. We are confident that our partners will fully implement the project by using all available resources and immediately increase their sales performance. It is very important that you follow all these rules before you order any product. We take great care to make sure that all our products are tested for quality, but for a small additional fee, we can provide you with a full written report on the product before it leaves our warehouse.


Improved dragon mart carpets are made from recycled and non-burnable PVC which is one hundred percent recyclable. These high-quality carpet tiles are ideal for a variety of interior/exterior applications and can be used as flooring, underlay in conjunction with extruded rubber or pre-prep laminate composite track, as well as exterior and interior flooring for floating floors, staircase treads, and more. Improved dragon mart carpets are made from high-quality materials that exceed your expectations. These carpets offer an exceptional level of quality and durability. The product range includes various types of carpets: wool-bound, hand-knotted, rugs, and pile carpets.

Dragon mart carpets are one of the largest carpet suppliers in Europe. We sell many different types of carpets, rugs, and mats made in India, Pakistan, and Iran.

Dragon mart carpets are made with the most modern technology and have been tested by an independent laboratory that confirms their excellent quality. They are also made in Italy, which is known for its excellence in manufacturing carpets.