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The Haunt Nation Haunters Classifieds page has officially launched.

HNM subscribers get a 30 day ad with up to 25 words for FREE!! You can list props you have for sale, announce rehearsal times or job postings, etc. If you want to add photos, logos or additional wording, its ONLY $5 (payments will only be accepted thru PayPal).

Just look under the “Members Exclusive” tab…its that easy!!!!

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Haunt Nation invades Transworld


For years I have been hearing about Transworld’s Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis, MO and this year was my first year to witness this amazing spectacle of horror, blood and excitement. I must admit the morning my wife and I were walking to the America’s Center, I was as giddy as a young child on Christmas Eve, eager with anticipation of what I was about to experience.

From the moment we walked onto to the convention floor that first morning and until the moment we left the convention late that afternoon it was a complete and utter barrage to the senses. There was just too much to take in, we learned quickly to pace ourselves and just enjoy it. It was a complete and utter blur.

Check out more photos from the convention at the end of the story.


Conventions like this one are also a fantastic “gathering” of like minded individuals as well as a great time to finally meet up with friends I have only talked to via Facebook for years and to see friends of mine who, unfortunately, we only seemed to meet up at various conventions. For instance Bloody Mary Bobbie Weiner, SFX artist and owner of Bloody Mary Make-Up, Roy Wooley from FaceOff, Steve Blumke from Fright Radio, Tyler Barnett of Haunt Design Kit, Ed Roberts, owner of the West Coast Haunters Convention, Rania Peet from The Haunted Garden, Richard Alvarez of Moxley Manor Haunted House, Justin Freeman (a haunter and an awesome photographer), Adam Pogue, co-owner of Froggy’s Fog and the list could just keep rolling along.

We met so many talented people over the course of the conventionĀ  I could not possibly list all of them, but there are a few who really made an impression with me and I would like to take this moment to recognize them. Artist, illustrator and prop designer Len Simon (who I am going to do a feature on in the May issue and is also going to do the cover art as well), Art director and monster maker Greg Duffy of Creature Revenge Studios is an EXTREMELY talented sculptor and we will go behind the scenes with him and see how he sculpted an exact life size replica of the Gillman from Creature from the Black Lagoon. Also I want to throw a big thank you to Jack Santry of Dental Distortions, they have created the most realistic and easy to use FX Fangs in the business, they are made from a thin flexible veneer which will keep your speech natural and most importantly they are VERY comfortable to wear. We picked up the “Pennywise” versions, they are awesome, to say the least. And I cannot forget Brad Fikkers from Reynolds Advanced Materials, they make everything you can imagine for mold making and casting. We grabbed one of their kits and will feature my wife using it and documenting her process along the way for the next issue.


Someone asked me what I thought my favorite portion of the show was and I think hands down it was a tie between the Interactive Haunted House Showcase, where many of the vendors got to showcase their latest and greatest props and scenes within a live haunted house environment and The Dark Zone, where some of the most over-the-top props and scenes are displayed in the dark…it was AWESOME.

And if you LOVE seminars, there were more than you could count or keep up with. All taught by some of the most respected industry professionals around and well worth the time to attend.

Saturday night we went to The Darkness, consistently ranked as one of the top 5 haunted attractions in the country…every year. And we where not disappointed, I have never seen this level of detail and commitment in any haunted attraction. IF you ever get the chance to go, DO IT, it is worth the cost and the wait in line, both of which are not too bad.

See you next year St. Louis!!

Transworld Photo Gallery
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  • DSCF0837
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  • DSCF0841
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  • DSCF0872
  • DSCF0874
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  • DSCF0878
  • DSCF0879
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  • DSCF0883
  • DSCF0884
  • DSCF0885
  • DSCF0886
  • DSCF0888
  • DSCF0891
  • DSCF0892
  • DSCF0894
  • DSCF0895
  • DSCF0897
  • DSCF0898
  • DSCF0899
  • DSCF0901
  • DSCF0909
  • DSCF0911
  • DSCF0913
  • DSCF0914
  • DSCF0916
  • DSCF0917
  • DSCF0923
  • DSCF0930
  • DSCF0933
  • DSCF0935
  • DSCF0937
  • DSCF0938
  • DSCF0939
  • DSCF0940
  • DSCF0941
  • DSCF0942
  • DSCF0943
  • DSCF0944
  • DSCF0945
  • DSCF0946
  • DSCF0948
  • DSCF0949
  • DSCF0951
  • DSCF0952
  • DSCF0978
  • DSCF0980
  • DSCF0981
  • DSCF0984
  • DSCF0988
  • DSCF0989
  • DSCF0990
  • DSCF0991
  • DSCF0992
  • DSCF0993
  • DSCF0995
  • DSCF0996
  • DSCF0997
  • DSCF0999
  • DSCF1001
  • DSCF1003







You can check out some of the videos from the show below.






Scare on, Gary!!!

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